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sophiee started this conversation

Iam a single mother with 4 kids. I have 3 girls and 1 boy my son age is 9 and my daughters age is 11, 8,7


  i need help to get free christmas gifts for my kids present, toys, clothes, jackets iam the only one bring income and all my income goes to my bills i dont have enough money to get christmas gifts for my kids to make them happy i feel sad about it:( If someone can help me where i can get free christmas gifts for my kids..  If you can help please contact me or eamil me.** thank you i appreciate your kindness god bless you**

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im a single parent it is very hard do not have any money my son really want a pair of beats that's all he want I can not afford them thanks
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I need help with christmas toys for my 8 kids.. 7 girls and 1 boy.
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u no what sad is that i have no food no gife 4 them at all me and my kids 8 going two be sad but god love us just stop and think no food at all it hard i need something i dont no if i gonig two have chishmax this year thk u 4 list
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stressed mother of 9
Hello, I am a mother of 3 and step mother of 6. In total I have 9 kids @ home. This year for christmas we are going to be without anything for our kids. My husband yes he works but does not make enough. We have custody of his three oldest kids but still pay child support for 6. I am a stay @ home mom too take them to school and have someone home for them. I dont recieve child support from my two oldest. My husband is left to pay bills and rent alone. We stress everyday we don't be asked to leave our home, we are 5 months past due rent, bills are behind. We only pay what we can at time. Yes its difficult with bills and even food. We would just like a little light for our kids to have a happy christmas this year. If anyone out their has a heart to help, I knw one day we would return the favor with lots of love to someone else when we are able to.
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vera a
I thank you for help me with christmas gift for my 3 kids 15,8 boyand 11 girl ,I loss my job due to injury of my nack in husben work the incom goes to my bills dont have enough money to buy food or get christmas gifts for my kids to make them happy i feel sad about it:( If someone can help me where i can get christmas gifts for my kids.. If you can help please contact me email me.** thank you i appreciate your kindness god bless you**
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i have a 1 year old little boy. i'm a single mom i'm 18 years old and i dont have a job. my kid isn't getting anything this christmas can anyone help is there any programs out there that can help??
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I have had i long year. I had surgy in oct....and i could not go back to work. So now it is christmas agone and no money a gone. We became homeless no food and no place to lay r heads. The lord opend my friends doors to let me and my daugter a place to stay.
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I need a miracle right now both myself and my fiancee are laid off and we went to h&r block for the emerald advance which we have gotten the past 3 years from them but due to the fact we are laid off we are not eligible so I have no where else to turn but here my girls are 8 & 5 and i have only 4 presents for them right now ..... Please help us !!!
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Hi everybody!I'm a single mother of a two year old little girl.I've been currently looking for work after I was laid off but can't seem to find anything.;-( My daughter and I may not have a good Christmas because I am unable to provide one for her.But even if we don't get any help I'll be blessed just to wake up with her.If there is anyone out there that can help assist me I'd really appreciate!Thanks
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Touch of an angel
I am a single mom of 11month old baby it been really hard for me I ve tryed two get a job but cant even aford a baby sitter.It my babys first christmas and Ineed help with gifts for my baby Please help me I would appreciate very much if someone would please read this and help,i.wont him to have a christmas Please. Thankyou and my god bless all
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I am a mother of a one yr old and my husband has been laid off, he also a vet and were now barely making ends meet. I never thought I would ever have to ask for help. But right now I need a blessing!!
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hi im looking for some help my 13 year old doesn't have a gift for christmas and a month ago he was diagnose with adhd he is a wonderful child never has given me a problem or disrespected me in any way i have no money and he is in need of clothes and sneackers im not working my income right know is stuggleling even to put food on the table if anyone can give me a hand my email is
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Ms smitty
I am looking for help for Christmas for my 3 sons ages 11,12 and 4 months. My husband recently lost his job and we are struggling to make rent. The boys still believe in Santa and I don't know what to do, I don't want there spirit to be ruined by nothing being there for them on Christmas morning from Santa :( anything will help!
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Me and my husband just got our first place but were paying week to week renting a small trailer then we found out he is going to be laid off for three weeks for the holidays and they have already cut his hours way back. My son just turned a year old and he is such a good boy. He deserves a good christmas and we can't even give him that. I don't think we are even going to be able to pay our rent. If anybody can help the least little bit i will do eveything i can to make it up to you or pay you back later. I feel like i'm begging and i hate that but it is for my son Justin. Thank you for at least reading thing everybody.
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sean's mom
I am a single mother to a 2 year old little boy. I recently lost my job . I have no money to give my little boy a nice Christmas. I'm currently looking for a job. I just don't know what to do.. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it
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lov my kids
am a single mom of four. and just wanted to no if any one can please help my kids have a good job went from a full time to a part time.have no way to get my kids anything.the lil i make is for bills and food.god bless.
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im a single parent of a 9 year old girl and a 4 year old boy things went really rough and my mamaw got diagnosed with cancer (lung and bone) a week before thanksgiving. I am the only one to help her so the money i had saved for christmas i had to use to take her on her 2 hour trips to the cancer center. someone please help my email is, desparate need. We found out the night before last they are giving her 8 months to live. All prayers are appreciated. tanks
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 in response to fancee...   are you having a girl or boy . how old is your son .what state do you live in . my name is stephanie maybe i can help
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I am a single mother to a 16 month old little boy. I lost my townhouse due to being laid off. I have no money to give my little boy a nice Christmas. I'm currently staying on my mom's couch. I just don't know what to do.. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it . Thx
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 in response to tband...   Hello how are you I'm sorry I just received your messages I called and left you a msg on the number you left me I can be reached at those numbers my email is. thank you for your response
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